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Reverse Engineering of Photomasks - DigiRestore

DigiRestore grew from a real need for this service. Large semiconductor companies can have a suite of many successful designs developed over many years. They keep their designs archived. When there is a need to refresh their photomasks or move their designs to a new tool, they often find that the designs are missing or magnetic media they are stored on have degraded. It is often important that the photomask data match the originals exactly so that customer requalification is not required.

Digidat can reverse-engineer GDSII data from photomasks. Our process allows features down to 0.8um on the mask. The Photomask is scanned using a highly accurate microscope system and pictures are taken.  The mosaic of pictures is re-constructed and GDSII data is created using a proprietary process. The GDSII data created represents the original GDSII data used to make the masks and the layers are run through DRC checks to ensure correct overlay. If the design is suitable, hierarchy will be restored as well.

We can also match existing designs if only some layers are missing.

Digidat has performed this operation on well over 100 devices, each one of them has been successfully used in the fab.

If you have missing GDSII data, please call us for a quote.