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Our services are based around you. We offer advanced data services and photomasks for standard layouts as well as emerging technologies that do not fit the usual IC/foundry model, such as MEMS, Medical, RF, Power, IOT, Encoders, Opto-Electronics, CGH lenses, test devices and many others.

  • We can create a mask to test a variety of different sized and arranged contacts, gates, photonic lines etc. This can take a long time to layout manually. We would automate this process making it faster, more reliable and less expensive to create.
  • If you have your data as an algorithm, Excel file, binary bitmap or AutoCAD, we will write a custom program to read and generate GDSII data that it is photomask ready.
  • We can create large data, 100 million dots are no problem. Multi-GB files are no problem.
  • We can translate any DXF file. There are many rules you should follow when drawing data for photomasks but often the rules are not followed creating problems such as  data-on-data, self-intersecting polygons, zero width lines etc. We have a suite of custom programs that can fix all these errors.

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Most start-ups won't want to invest in the software, hardware, time and personnel necessary to take their design to photomask. Because these companies are doing research and development, their design ideas are new and can't easily be modelled.  Digidat can provide all the support you need to get your ideas onto silicon.

Established Companies

It is often necessary for an established semiconductor company to out-source layout or design work.  Whether they simply don't have the man hours or their design path is too well defined for a particular project, Digidat can provide the resources necessary to complete the project.



Digidat has worked with many university students to ensure that their designs meet the stringent standards necessary to get a working photomask. Photomask terminology can be misleading and confusing, at Digidat we help lead the student through the photomask process and provide clear plots of what the final plates will look like.