About Us

Founded in 2001, Digidat Inc. grew out of a need for an independent resource that provides services above and beyond those provided by foundries and photomask makers. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail and knowledge of the photomask/fab industry enabled us to support a large group of customers that often fell outside of the standard high-production model.

Our customers range from individuals to large established semiconductor companies.

 What we offer

  • Layout Services
  • Data Conversion
  • Tapeout / Reticle Engineering
  • Photomasks
  • Reverse-Engineering of Photomasks

We will support you and your data through the complete process of design to photomask.

Who are Our Customers?

Large Semiconductor Companies

  • To work on projects that do not fit into their regular design route
  • To transfer designs from one foundry to another
  • To restore lost GDSII data from photomasks.

Start-Ups / R&D / Universities / Government

  • To translate their design from their provided format
  • To error check the design for manufacture
  • To supply photomasks from a variety of vendors to fit their needs
  • To support their design process from beginning to end