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Layout is the process of taking design ideas and putting them into layers in a GDSII file that is ready to send for photomask generation. We perform layout from any medium or idea - if you can explain it to us, we can draw it. We have worked from Excel, PowerPoint, faxes, and hand-drawn diagrams.

Layout is a skill that takes years of practice to perfect. There are many techniques that can be utilized to shorten the layout cycle and make the design more reliable in the process. It is not uncommon for us to layout a design in 5 hours that would take someone trying to do it themselves a week to draw.

Layout requires the purchase of expensive layout software and licenses. When trying to perform layout on cheap, free or unsuited software (such as AutoCAD) you will quickly find their limitations and are in danger of producing polygons that will not transcribe to photomasks well. Most photomask rewrites are due to bad data. Remember, your design is only as good as your data.

When Digidat draws your design, you can be assured that the data won't have common problems associated with inexperienced users. It is very important to adhere to grid rules, hierarchy, and to automate construction whenever possible thereby avoiding hand-drawn errors.

Once drawn, your design is run through a series of proprietary automated checks to ensure that your design is indeed design and photomask ready.

Our customers enjoy a relationship and level of service that consistently exceeds expectations. Often a single phone call is all that is necessary to change a design.

Don't trust your design to anyone else.